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Default Re: Which looks more like Charley Burley?

Originally Posted by Bonecrusher View Post
still working out his style completely

so far what I have is stance: Orthodox (obviously)

Type: I used Counter Puncher
Style: Slickster
block style: philly shell
punch style: this was a tough one, originally I liked speed, but when I put in david haye as his punch style it looks similar to what I have seen of Burley..

You have to use either the style of one of the fighters on the game or a more general style like speed or power..

I made him very defensively sound..

Out of curiosity where would you rank in the following categories.. 100 being the max on all..

Strength, Speed, Endurance, Conditioning, toughness, reflexes,

and then on a scale of 1-20.. they break down every punch (jab, strait right, left or right hook u get it and body punches)

then at the end of that between 1-20 they have defense, chin, blocking, heart, head movement...

Any help would be awesome you may know more about Burley then I
Beast, huge job.

Areas where Burley was extraordinary --

Strength (especially at WW or MW, but he was basically never out-muscled from what I can tell even against the enormously strong Smith at LHW)

Head movement - check out the clip

Reflexes, blocking, uppercut and straight-right should all be very very high too.
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