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Default Re: Are strikers gaining some ground in the UFC?

Originally Posted by Muchmoore View Post
Not enough wrestlers using wrestling. Bader made no serious attempt to take Lyoto down I mean what the ****

Too many guys abandoning what got them there and hiring "boxing" coaches and then suddenly considering themselves strikers. Another good example is Lesnar trying flying knees and no freightrain takedowns once re**** Pat Barry joined Deathclutch. Strikers tend to stick with the sprawl and brawl mentality by contrast.

Too vanila.
It is true that every wrestler who trains three weeks standup thinks they've turned into Junior dos Santos.

But Bader didn't really try to strike with Machida. He was looking for the takedown, he just didn't know how to get it. He learned that Machida kept him too far away to jjust power through a step or two and get the takedown. After he found that out, he was clueless because he didn't have the skill to engage with striking either.

But for years people have *****ed that the UFC is wrestler-heavy and excessively wrestler-friendly. But now it seems that people have figured out how to use striking to succeed at the very highest levels. Most of the current champions are more strikers than they are wrestlers.

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