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Default Re: In a world with no Joe Louis, how great could Conn have been?

This is what Conn would be up against:

1940 Joe Louis, Champion
  1. Max Baer
  2. Arturo Godoy
  3. Red Burman
  4. Abe Simon
  5. Buddy Walker
  6. Buddy Baer
  7. Pat Comiskey
  8. Lee Savold
  9. Otis Thomas
  10. Lem Franklin
1941 Joe Louis, Champion
  1. Billy Conn
  2. Lem Franklin
  3. Bob Pastor
  4. Melio Bettina
  5. Abe Simon
  6. Turkey Thompson
  7. Buddy Baer
  8. Lou Nova
  9. Arturo Godoy
  10. Roscoe Toles
1942 Joe Louis*, Champion
  1. Jimmy Bivins
  2. Tami Mauriello
  3. Turkey Thompson
  4. Roscoe Toles
  5. Harry Bobo
  6. Big Boy Brown
  7. Lee Savold
  8. Lou Brooks
  9. Tony Musto
  10. Joey Maxim
He likley makes his move in 1941. With Louis out of the picture it is hard to see who the champion is, but the top three fighter that year are Pastor (who he beat), Betina (who he beat) and Franklin (who Pastor beat). That looks prety good for him, but those rankings reflect the fact that Louis had eliminated some key players, notably Godoy. You are also going to have Lou Nova at the top of the rankings in 1941, and no Louis to eliminate him. It should also be noted that Louis nipped Buddy Baer 's rise in the bud, and he would have been a very bad stylistic match for Conn.

So who holds the crown when Conn makes his move?

Probably either Pastor Godoy or Nova.

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