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Default Re: Bas Rutten vs Wanderlei Silva

Originally Posted by Koa View Post
I think most of you are under-rating how nasty Wand was.

Certainly he wasn't polished, but he was among the sharpest tools in the shed.

As polished as Bas was, he didn't have the sort of knockout ratio Wanderlei had, but he did have great subs.

Pre Crocop Wand was an absolute beast. I think a lot of you are remembering Wand in light of his last 10 or so fights when during his prime he was as pure a knockout artist/ finisher as there ever was. He buzzed you, he put you out and thats just how it was when he was in his prime. Just take a look at his record when he was on his tear, this is a guy who demolished a young Rampage. Just take a look at his record from 2000-2004.

Personally, I think this fight could have gone either way, likely decision. I don't think either guy would shy away from striking. Certainly Bas had a great chin and very good technical standup. Wand had instincts, aggression and power.

****ing huge fan of both these guys, but some of you are some haters.
This. Prime Wand was an animal. Bas is my boy but anyone who thinks this fight is akin to what CC did to him when they fought the second time is really selling Wand short. The problem is its very difficult to judge Bas's MMA career as it only consisted of literally a few fights. The rest of his time was spent in Pancrase. Personally on aggression alone id probably go with Wand. But equally you never got to see Bas's full striking ****nal in Pancrase which makes this fight very difficult to predict. That said striking was his bread and butter. Which would make a match like this even more compelling.

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