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Default PSI punching power bull****.

Where do bull**** numbers like this come from?

"I found this but right off the bat i can tell it's not 100% true because the avg person can hit around 800.................. earnie shavers 1600+ psi
joe louis 990 psi
joe frazier 850 psi
michael spinks 700psi
mike tyson 1200 psi, 1450 psi, 1500 psi unconfirmed source
rocky marciano 1100 psi
Vitali klitcshko 1300 psi
Wald Klitschko 1200 psi
tommy morrison 1400 psi unconfirmed source
muhammed ali 500 psi unconfirmed source.....on fight science last night a boxer used a right cross and had 993psi. a man smashing bricks with his forearm had 2,200"

Why do these numbers still go into circulation?
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