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Default Re: The Pedro Rizzo appreciation thread

Originally Posted by Stoo View Post
Just rewatched it, scored it for Randy. Even though he did WAY more damage, and it seemed Couture was only wrestling defensively to stop getting hit, he controlled too much of the rounds he won for me to score them for Pedro

Great fight
Thanks for checking back in. I'm usually in line with how you see fights, so I still feel good about ranking Randy as high as I do. 2 wins over a prime Rizzo are saying something.

The link that I put up for you, the one that is unavailable in your area, is the only video I have of the fight now. It doesn't show it in it's entirety, just a large portion of each round. I can't see enough of it to score it fairly. If you judge the part that I can see, Rizzo probably gets it. Randy's scoring probably isn't as much hi-light material, so that's why it is probably cut out. Without going back and counting, there's close to half the fight cut out. I'll try to find it some time to check out the whole thing.
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