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Default Re: Floyd or Duran - Most skilled?

Originally Posted by Pimp C View Post
Because he's more skilled that's why. Duran is arguably one of the most overrated fighters in boxing people love his machismo much like Erik Morales and tend to overrate him also the fact that he's the greatest Latino fighter of all time so he gets extra points for that. So he gets overrated to that degree. For example when you look at ATG list people often rank Duran over SRL who is the better fighter which is ridiculous. They play up his success but overlook his flaws and loses and have an excuse for every loss, he didn't train or he didn't care. Really?? He got his socks boxed off by Benitez got KFTO by Hearns lost to Hagler and quit against SRL in one of the biggest fights of his career and is always remembered for No Mas. That's the type of bias that I'm talking about and is treated like some kind of boxing God who could do no wrong.
All you've ranted about is how Duran is "overrated". I've yet to hear how Floyd is more skilled. Having a better defensive guard and looking prettier on your feet does not translate into more skills, versatility, & completeness as a fighter. Duran losing past his prime and past his best weight against ATG's adds nothing to the conversation about the comparison of skill between the two.

Again, Duran bringing Hagler to a close points decision at that age and weight took a display of more sheer craft than most, if not all, of Floyd's wins. Forget about who likes Duran or doesn't; he beat the better fighters with less physical advantages (often with disadvantages Floyd has never, and will likely never, face).
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