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Default Re: Sparring [Video]

forget learning the list you have wrote ,,,,try to learn 2 or 3 things for about 4 weeks let the brain learn what your trying to teach it for it to become instinct you have to do the some thing over & over again,,once you flow with the moves in sparring ,then you can try something else

if i was to train you this is my advise ,,,,,

the lad in video looks good enough to learn with,,have a chat before you sparr about practicing the rounds below (6 x 2min)

round 1 & 2 -- hes the infighter pushing you back to ropes ,you do not punch only ,,move - block - bob - slip,,,,, then change your the infighter

round 3 & 4 -- the same as above but the outfighter counters the infighter punches

round 5 & 6 --2 rounds of sparring thinking of what you've just been doing

keep the rounds light punching remember your learning to defend & counter punch a clever boxer will always beat a fit boxer
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