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Default Re: Are strikers gaining some ground in the UFC?

Yes i believe they are

This is becoming the time for the boxer/grappler IMHO

Edit; just looking through the thread its only fair i elaborate , boxer / grappling style isnt a new style by any means , but when this style came in , boxer / grapplers didnt have wrestling , nor did they have muay thai , plus the sport was relatively new , so if you could box a little and had a JJ game of some note , you were labelled a boxer grappler ..................... yes ??

Well now that particular style is being honed , and it seems to be the dominant style of the moment in MMA , its the finer aspects of that style that are now documented and are being drilled daily thats refining it , and when you have a fighter who can really box , and im talking sharp , crisp combination punching (Belfort , Barao) , not just working off a jab looking to score , who can actually wrestle and grapple a bit , who also trains Muay Thai (mainly for defensive purposes) , you have a pretty effective animal for MMA
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