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Default Re: The Single Most George Foremanest Interview I've Ever Heard

I don't think Foreman was comparing himself to King Kong.
He was just trying to say that Frazier wouldn't back away from anybody, and he should know. He goes on to tell how Frazier kept getting up and coming after him when he was knocking him down.

It came out like he was tooting his own horn, but I don't think he meant it that way.

The old Foreman tends to be over complimentary to his old foes. Whomever he is asked about he says they were the greatest and bravest man he ever knew.

I've heard him say the same thing about Ali. Occasionally his resentment about his loss to Ali creeps in even though he does his best to mask it.

It's hard to tell what he really thinks. He isn't going to speak badly about anyone.
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