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Default Re: Floyd or Duran - Most skilled?

Originally Posted by JMP View Post
Duran had better instincts and overall awareness on the inside also. And better positioning. Not to mention his offensive skills at close quarters. By comparison, Mayweather (as brilliantly skilled as he is), looks somewhat robotic and rigid. Duran was probably the most skilled fighter I've ever seen.

Feints, too...Duran was a master feinter. As good as anybody ever.
I like that comparison; Floyd can make a lot of what he does look easy since he can do so much so well, but Duran in his prime rarely looked uncomfortable ever, no matter the range.

Again people are distracting from answering the question; Duran had less advantages against greater opposition, and performed as well as he did because of skill; you can't say he had height, reach, weight, age, strength, power, or even speed & chin advantages against Hagler, Barkley, Moore, etc. Floyd has had a number of physical advantages in most of his best wins (not his fault, he's simply a gifted athlete) and there exists a gap in how most would expect the two to perform against Duran's competition.
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