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Default Re: What fighters styles don't you like.

Originally Posted by Robbi View Post
I'm the opposite of some of the earlier posters. I can't stand fighters who rely on power and are constantly aggressive. I like a complete fighter who can box at long range, fights inside, throws good combinations, has fast hands, moves, counter-punches and is technically tidy with a decent defense.

Holmes, Hopkins, Whitaker, Hagler, Curry, Toney, Marquez, Barrera, Holyfield, Lewis, Sanchez, Hearns, Lopez, Robinson, Duran, McCallum.

I don't like Joe Frazier, bores me to death. Foreman, technically clumsy and not that fast. Tyson, too aggressive for me. Chavez, technically good but too aggressive. Trinidad, as 90% he throws is power. Mayorga, too wild and erratic. Benn, too aggressive.
I can understand your opinion and completely get I don't like Foreman or Mayorga's styles like that either but your inclusion of not being too keen on Chavez and Trinidad styles is puzzling cause Trinidad pre 1998 or so was a boxer puncher type as well as Chavez.

As for Whitaker he wasn't a complete fighter in my view,great all time boxer but didn't have the ability to really switch it up and fight in close range unless it was against a soft touch like Harold Brazier.
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