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Default Re: Floyd or Duran - Most skilled?

Originally Posted by Bogotazo View Post
I like that comparison; Floyd can make a lot of what he does look easy since he can do so much so well, but Duran in his prime rarely looked uncomfortable ever, no matter the range.

Again people are distracting from answering the question; Duran had less advantages against greater opposition, and performed as well as he did because of skill; you can't say he had height, reach, weight, age, strength, power, or even speed & chin advantages against Hagler, Barkley, Moore, etc. Floyd has had a number of physical advantages in most of his best wins (not his fault, he's simply a gifted athlete) and there exists a gap in how most would expect the two to perform against Duran's competition.
Duran having competitive stretches against Hagler, and ultimately going the distance would be similar to Mayweather losing to somebody like Mike McCallum in his prime, but remaining competitive. It wouldn't diminish Mayweather's skills and if anything, would enhance them as he's currently in a past-prime state fighting in the junior middleweight division against a H2H monster at the weight. Furthering on that scenario, what people are doing in this thread would be similar to ignoring everything Mayweather showed skill-wise and technically from 130 up to the Ricky Hatton fight. It's frustrating.

Also, a number of people can't seem to grasp the simple concept that Duran was indeed past his prime fighting above welterweight (after 80+ fights no less and years of adding and losing weight). The proof was entirely in the footage. His footspeed decreased substantially making him more susceptible to rangy boxer/mover types and his handspeed clearly slowed as well. Add into that his waning focus, passion, and desire - when combined, made Duran the fierce fighting machine he was - and you're going to pile some losses onto your record. These aren't excuses; he lost to better fighters than he was at that point (and still managed to beat guys like Moore and Barkley as you said - which is a testament to his versatility, defense, and overall skill).

You're 100 percent right that people aren't answering the question. They're using generalities regarding Duran's all-time ranking, career trajectory, and his latter-career performances. There's nothing remotely in the way of a true discussion where respective skill-sets and facets of the sport are being debated and discussed. What can ya do, though?
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