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Default Re: Vitali Klitschko Kickboxing

Let's not get carried away here.

Vitali was at best a mediocre kickboxer. He beat no one of any real importance at that time and in the sport there were more variations of kickboxing world championship belts than Emelda Marcos had pairs of shoes. Yep the ISKA belt was one of the better ones but it wasn’t kickboxing that most people will recognise as anything near what we know as kickboxing these days, it was more akin to full contact karate with compulsory 7 kick above the waist each round no low kicks, no knees, no nothing! This was before Muay Thai had made its huge irreversible mark on “western” kickboxing.

You also have to remember Kickboxing and Muay Thai are really sports for little guys; all ways have been and always will be. You get very few big men that have the coordination, athleticism, and natural body build to preform most of the techniques in a fluid and natural manner. For this reason the SHW and HW divisions have always been the least competitive and attractive to watch due to a constant lack in depth and talent which invariable leaves you with giant ugly mismatches. Of course you get a few big guys that can cut the mus****, but they are rarer than ladyboys with *****! That’s why the 90s and early 2000s the K1 Grand Prixs were so interesting as they scouted the world for the crème of the big boys and the fact those guys kept fighting each other over and over for a decade proves what a lack of quality there is traditionally in the big boys division.
One other thing, the guy he’s fighting in the clip isn’t Japanese he’s Thai. Now bear in mind Thailand the home of Muay Thai with over 65,000 pro fighters struggle to put out fighters above 72 kilos!

What does that tell you about the giant mismatch that clip is.

A mediocre Ukrainian full contact Karate fighter vs. a freak of nature that has never really been trained as a fighter! They love that kind of freak show stuff in Japan; remember Japan is where Bob Sapp made his name!

I’m no Klitschko hater and I respect the achievement, but let’s just say he's better at boxing than he ever was at kickboxing.
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