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Default Re: Chronological IB RBR threads archive

Originally Posted by DemolitionDan View Post
Yeah, I probably won't be able to get it all in at once. May'be a couple of fights here and there every once in awhile. The bigger fights that get thousands of replies, those won't be too bad. I'll just cut those out and just use that feature to get your posts only. So, that won't be too bad, just a lot of fights to get to....and I'll probably have to use up a few sections of the website just for the RBRs. Just to make it user friendly and what not.
That is probably wiser than what I had in mind, which was a massive ever-expanding Microsoft Word document.

What if it got halfway and my laptop went kaput?

External storage is an option of course, yeah, but I'd still be paranoid about something happening. Hurricanes or something.

At least online it's got a semblance of permanence...unless your host ****s you over.
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