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Default Re: Sparring [Video]

Nice to meet another Korean on here.

Anyway you're lifting up your chin every time you throw the cross, a shorter man who spots this will lift your head with a jab or lead upper cut. You're exposed on your right side.

Keep Jabbing, but you are turning your head and facing way to the right when you throw it. Saw you get hit a few times cause you were face off.
Dont jab and lower your left hand, again I saw you get countered when you left that space open.

Noticed that you cross your legs a lot.

Change your head gear. You cant see **** with that helmet on. seriously I blame some of the performance issues on obsctructed vision.

There are fundamental flaws in your defense. The list you wrote is far too much to do at once and is more concerned with offense, when really you have left a lot of yourself open.

Your partner seems gun scared, and nervous about getting hit. Hence his agitated movement and freaky bouncy movement.
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