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Default When has a non-heavyweight overcame size differences as big as Jones vs Hendo?

Jon Jones

To date, a career light-heavyweight talking about moving to heavyweight within two years or so, frequently talked about as enjoying massive size advantages over all of the best fighters in his weight class.

6ft 4in tall, 84.5in reach, probably weighs around 220lbs in the cage


Dan Henderson

Has spent his career going between 185lbs and 205lbs, often viewed as a smaller, lighter man in his Pride days when fighting at 205, now particularly short in the UFC lhw division among the top fighters.

5ft 11in tall, 71in reach, when he was allowed to weigh in way over 205lbs against Fedor, weighed in at 207lbs


When, in top level MMA competition this century (not the '90s), has a non-heavyweight fighter beaten an opponent enjoying size advantages of this nature? What's the historical precedence for this type of victory?

Smaller guys have gained draws while facing this type of disparity (Penn vs Fitch, Wanderlei vs Crocop 1), and there have been some wins that could be argued to fit this description (Saku vs Rampage, Saku vs Randleman, Wanderlei vs Fujita).

Can you think of others? What's the most impressive win of this nature in your opinion?
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