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Default Re: Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury THE TRUTH

Originally Posted by Zakman View Post
Yeah, no ****. This idea that you can't hold it against Wilder - or say it raises serious questions about how good he is or how well he can take a punch - that he's FOUR YEARS into his "career" and STILL fighting STIFFS is absurd!!!

Frankly, if a boxing fan DOESN'T have some serious questions about this situation they are either a) a blind fanboy; or b) they don't know much about the sport.
Or perhaps they are intelligent enough (unlike yourself) to realize that a fighter rarely if ever gets to choose his own opponents, unless he becomes champion.


What are you doing here, Zakman, shouldn't you be out searching for more fighters with "glass jaws?" That seems to be your hobby. I suggest you start with some guy named Muhammad Ali. He went down 4 times, 2X against extremely average fighters. Clearly, he has a glass jaw and will never amount to anything!

We all await your next report with baited breath.

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