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Default Re: Was Buakaw the Best Thai Representative for K-1 Max at that Time?

Originally Posted by RJJFan View Post
Yodsanklai did fight one time in K-1 against a Moroccan fighter and won a 3 round decision. I assume K-1 felt he was a bit more dangerous than Buakaw and left him out and Buakaw in.
Originally Posted by SugarShane_24 View Post
Then I guess that makes my opinion valid even though my info was wrong.
I have that fight on DVD, Yod had his hair died in the colours of the Thai flag. He won convincingly in typical Yod stlye.

It wasn't that "K-1 felt he was a bit more dangerous than Buakaw and left him out and Buakaw in." I think it's just simply they already had Buakaw who had already been a Max Champ and as I stated in the above post Buakaw's style is just ***ier to the causual fan than Yods, which I imagine is a pretty important factor to a huge organisation like K1 that needs to put bums on seats. Why would you get rid of a succesful poular MT fighter who'd alreadyproven he can transition to win the tourney and change him for a relative internationally unknown MT fighter unproven in K1 styled kickboxing? Doesn't make sense and remeber later that year 2006 Buakaw went on to win the tourney again!

If K1 thought Yod to be such a badass why did he never get an invite back for any undercard or superfights? Cos of his style period IMO.

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