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Default Re: Aldo vs Edgar - UFC's best fight since GSP vs Penn II?

Originally Posted by Kittikasem View Post
Rationally/logically, I agree with you.

And yet, Aldo wasn't particularly emphatic or dominant or impressive against Hominick and Florian.

And IMO, Edgar is much better than both Hominick and Florian.

I think this will be a real battle.
It's not about who is better. He also fights with a much different style. Florian tried to push Aldo against the cage, and use his size to wear down the smaller fighter.

Hominick is a stand-up fighter with a more varied ****nal than Edgar.

Edgar will have to fight this fight differently than in any of the previous 8-10 fights I have seen him in. Otherwise, he will get destroyed. Aldo will take every bit of movement, fight, and chance Edgar has away from him by busting up Edgar's lead leg if Edgar tries to fight in what has become his typical style.

I'm not saying Edgar can't adjust. How many times have we seen him on the brink of destruction to come roaring back? If he can adjust mid-fight, I'm sure he can adjust with a full training camp.

Edgar will have to be the aggressor against Aldo in order to win. Edgar will have to force the take down the entire fight, and avoid the big strikes of Aldo at the same time. Anything else, and he is just waiting to get finished.

I'm intrigued by the match-up. Edgar is a former Division I wrestler with some big time mma slams. I picked Edgar over Sherk a few years ago, and have only picked against him when he went against Penn. Aldo would be my favorite at this moment, but Edgar will not surprise me if he finds a way.
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