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Default Re: Aldo vs Edgar - UFC's best fight since GSP vs Penn II?

Originally Posted by Wilhelm View Post
Edgar isn't going to sit there and get kicked like Faber did, and he moves much better than guys like Florian. I can see him landing and getting out before Aldo and get his kicks in and I see him taking Aldo down here and there, particularly late in the fight when Aldo seems to fade. I don't think this is that bad of a matchup for Edgar since we haven't seen Aldo fight anyone who can do what Edgar does as well as Edgar can do it.
You are grossly underestimating Aldo's speed and explosiveness.

Henderson beat up Edgar's leg in the 1st round and Henderson isn't even close, not even in the same universe as Aldo when it comes to speed.

Hominick is a very good striker, and Aldo was hitting him with left hook to the body, right leg kick combinations all night long. That is INSANE!! And it takes insane footwork and speed to do.
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