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Default Re: Aldo vs Edgar - UFC's best fight since GSP vs Penn II?

Originally Posted by BewareofDawg View Post
Dude, I wouldn't be so confident that he will have a strength advantage over everyone down there either. It remains to be seen. He isn't bigger than all guys down there. Aldo is a beast and will probably weight more than Frankie. Mendes is a beast also, not sure Frankie can out-wrestle him.
I think he will have a strength advantage over most, and would expect him to deal with Mendes as though he were a small Maynard.

His problem is going to be whether or not he can close the distance on Aldo without eating something big, and do it before Aldo chops his lead leg out from under him. I'm not saying Edgar can't learn to check Aldo's kick, but it's going to be hard; and it will take away a lot of his movement because he won't be able to put as much weight on his front leg if he is looking to check.
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