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Default Re: Was Buakaw the Best Thai Representative for K-1 Max at that Time?

Originally Posted by RJJFan View Post
You really think Buakaw would have beaten Yod under K-1 rules? From this fights, it looks like Yod is a more natural fit for K-1. Under MT rules, Buakaw looks to have the edge as he's more of a clincher than puncher.

And I'd imagine K-1 was virtually forced to invite a Thai fighter over, because of the history that Thailand has in kickboxing. However, they were not going to invite someone that Masato and pretty boy Kraus can't beat, so when Buakaw upset the apple cart, they were forced to spend money and market Buakaw to the Japanese audience (which was pretty successful as he had his own fan club). When Yod came along, it looked like he had the potential to upset the apple cart again, so they let him go. At least, thats my opinion.
K-1 was known to have a "one Thai rule" qualified for their MAX GP. so if Buakaw was in the tourney yod couldnt be. Buakaw being the 2004 gp winner it wouldnt make sense to replace him with yod.

But I do agree Yod might have been seen as more of a threat than buakaw by K-1.Yod is bigger, dynamite hands and devastating kicks and more aggressive to boot. Their was no telling what he could've accomplished in K-1.

Then again after the 2004 MAX GP its hard to think of a bigger threat than Buakaw.
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