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Default Re: Was Buakaw the Best Thai Representative for K-1 Max at that Time?

Hey RJJ, I like you and your posts but we’re gonna have to agree to disagree on this one.

I’ve never been a believer in conspiracy theories.

The Roswell video’s a fake.
George Bush never ordered the attack on the Twin Towers.
Lady Diana’s driver was drunk and hence crashed the car nothing to do with the Queen.

The Templars still exist and secretly control the world….bollox.

The Japanese conspired against Yodsanlkai to keep him out of the K1 Max tourney.

As Yaca and I have already said why would you get rid of a two time K1 Max champ and an international MT superstar with a huge Japanese following to replace him with Yodsanklai? It was Japanese guy a Hideki Suzuki and a Japanese set up Team Inoki who decided to enter Buakaw into K1 in the first place. It just doesn’t make sense, especially if you consider post Buakaw’s loss in the final of 2005 he went away and thoroughly devoted himself to the style to improve and develop his boxing skills to good effect as we saw in Max 2006. Yod even though he won his super fight against Kamel didn’t look “amazing”, that’s the thing with Yod he never really does in that dynamic exciting sense, he’s too clever for that in the same way Money May is.

No one disagrees with you that if Yod or any of those names on Yaca’s list got their chance they’d do really well and I’m sure Yod would have done great things, but I don’t think the ride would have been quite as exciting as Buakaw’s trip to the top of K1, just due to Buakaw’s imperfections and average fight IQ, he’s not the “boxing computer” that Yod is that’s why Buakaw’s trip has been so exciting, how many times have we seen Buakaw make mistake pay for it and then come storming back with his foot on the pedal out of pure frustration, it makes for great fight drama!

And I know Yaca says Yod’s bigger than Buakaw, weight wise maybe but not really, Yod is a short **** in the division and I reckon the taller heavier guys would have given Yod some real headaches without his usallly array of MT weapons, remember something, Yod has lost to 5ft 11 Kyshenko before……. I really believe that little bit of extra defensive reach and height helps Buakaw fight off what are naturally bigger men crammed into the glamour division.

Anyway, the truth be told any Stadium Thai is a threat to almost all non Thais, they are and always will be a cut above. As we’ve said before, after all the tough bouts these guys have had by time they hit their mid-twenties fighting foreigners is always going to be just a bit of well paid R&R for them.

In regards to Yod vs Buakaw under full Thai rules, to my mind there is no doubt at all that Yod wins this. As Yaca and I have both already noted Buakaw was never the best Thai on the Thai scene, always the bridesmaid never the bride. This I think is partly the reason he devoted himself so entirely to K1 (along with the juicy pay cheques and of course all those cute little Japanese honies). Yeah he become an Om Noi Champ and won some other pretty prestigious titles but he never became a stadium champ, he never got that Lumpinee belt which we all know is the true World Championship belt. The Om Noi belt is a big achievement, but I don’t know how familiar with Om Noi you are but basically it’s where the fresh up and comers meet the older last chance salooners, which makes for some great fights, but it ain’t either of the big house, Lumpinee or Raja.

Now when we look at Yod you’re looking at a two weight Lumpinee champ and multiple MT world Champion. MT is what he does……and does best. Buakaw when fighting MT is basically a very good typical stalking aggressive MT fighter that stands infront of you and brings it. Exactly the kind of fighter that Yod has made a career out of beating day in and day out. What separates fighters like Yod, Seanchai and Sam – A form the pack is their fight IQ and cunning, the way they use the angles and their cunning defensive come aggressive style. You need that edge to get ahead on the most competitive circuit around. Guys like Buakaw, great fighters they are (infact my favourite kind), just basically stand infornt of you and rain hellfire on you, which for guys like Yod and Saenchai is bread and butter because they’ve fought so many guys like that cos that’s the traditional Thai way of fighting. For me that’s why Yod does the business on Buakaw under full MT, Yod’s just that little bit too clever in a Muay Thai sense. I think it plays out something similar to the recent Saenchai v Penek battle. Eithe rway wouldn't we all just luv to see Yod vs Buakaw under any style, K1, full MT, MMA or even just an old fashioned street fight!!!!!

Check out the Vids below of Buakaw pre K1.

Greet finish by Buakaw in the first against a young Sakadpetch and what a tit for tat battle in the second clip, great kicks and elbows.



Or maybe Yod vs Buakaw goes like this little gem Samkor vs Yodsanklai, enjoy:


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