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Default Re: Of the 80's Fab four, Duran, Hearns. Hagler and Leonard..Which is your favorite!?

Originally Posted by Ricky42791 View Post
aww man, lets see

Duran-is definitely my favorite, immaculate as a lightweight with his only loss (dejesus) being avenged twice by KO. Comes up to welter beats an undefeated young, ****y Ray Leonard. Brutalized Davey Moore after people were sure his career was over. First of Hagler's title defenses to take him the full 15 in a very very close fight for the middleweight title. Has another resurrection against a ferocious young tough Iran Barkley fresh off of a devastating knockout of Thomas Hearns. Won a split decision and dropped Barkley in the fight. Fought from 68-01. The definition of Machismo. Manos de Piedra hands of stone!

Hagler was a badass with an iron chin,power,will. He was very tough tough rugged guy. I loved how intense he was with his war hats and "going to jail" during training. He's really one of a kind. I love how he realized he cant let fights go in the hands of the judges after the first antuofermo fight. He was stoic, he didnt talk much. He talked with his fists in the ring.

Sugar Ray-I respect sugar ray and enjoy watching his fights very much. He could do it all. Speed, power, combinations, movement you name it he was very well rounded and could punch. However his charisma and bravado kind of turn me off. Being as Duran is my #1 its hard to love sugar ray. But goddamnit I respect the man! He's just kind of too flashy/cute for me. I do like it when he punched though.

Tommy Hearns- Tommy Hearns comes last on my list but that doesn't mean I dont like Tommy. His fights were always exiting win lose or draw. His straight right was a Weapon of Mass DESTRUCTION. I've never seen anyone with that build and that weight punch like he did. Tommy was a little chinny and i tend to prefer durable fighters but, this did add to the exitement of his fights. He damn near killed Duran who had an Iron Jaw.

I am sure that Tyson will tell his kids that if they are miss behave Roberto Duran will get them.

Hagler was one of the ultimate orig**** weight divisions ultra ,super, uber champs. fought great fighters to work his way up the division, many thought that he should of been the champ before he got his shot, finaly got his shot than was robbed, year later went across the world to fight the champ in his back yard, with a very hostile crowd, KO'd the champ then the first fight he want is vs the guy he was robbed against, ko'd him then started koing all the top contenders so every one knew who the MV champ was. What every boxing champ should be like.
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