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Default Re: Ufc 151 officially cancelled

Originally Posted by Kittikasem View Post
I can't really be bothered arguing about it, but I don't really understand those defending Jones here. Hendo and Sonnen are quite similar, except Sonnen is far less dangerous on the feet. Basically, Sonnen is a significantly easier fight for Jones, but even then it's not a particularly radical change anyway. CS and DH are about the same size, good takedowns, except Hendo has KO power and Sonnen doesn't.

Jones was offered the choice of shutting Sonnen's mouth in brutal public fashion, whilst simultaneously respecting the fans who'd paid their money and the other fighters on the card, or cancelling the whole card for a reason not clear to anyone, simply because he could do so.

He chose the latter. As I say, do not understand anyone defending this selfish, contrary course of action at all. Indefensible, really.
This was a much more mature, well thought out version of what i intended to say.

I agree with everything you said 100%

Champions don't turn down fights, it's simple as that.
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