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You're right scurla. What Dana should have done, is be pleased that Jones killed the card by refusing to fight. Dana should have released a statement where he kissed Jones' ass, said that Machida was a better opponent anyway, and pretended that the cancellation was a good thing.

Injuries happen, that's an unfortunate part of the sport.

Jones can take an easy defence (that will still pay him well) vs an undeserving big-name guy who is the same base style as Henderson but who is undersized, not really in shape, and has virtually no chance to win.

Or, Jones can crash the entire card. **** the millions of dollars the UFC has already spent to set up and promote this card. **** the dozen or more fighters on the card who don't have Nike deals and who were relying on the paycheck.

Still, since you're not happy with Dana being mad and saying so, what should Dana's response have been?

Dana publicly kisses Jones' ass - would that have been better?

Dana mad in private but releases public statement backing Jones' decision - would that have been better?

Dana mad as hell, thinks Jones made a selfish decision, and says so in public and private - what the **** is wrong with that?

brilliant post
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