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Default Re: Ufc 151 officially cancelled

Originally Posted by Primate View Post
With Rob on this one. It's not on Jones for a cancelled card.
It is on Jones.

Jones' opponent was injured at the last minute. Sucks for sure, but **** happens.

The UFC presented Jones with a viable opponent, very similar style to Henderson, a big name with basically zero chance to win. This opponent is willing to fight despite being relatively out of shape.

Jones turned the fight down and killed the card.

If Jones was okay with an easy defence against Chael, the card goes on.

He wasn't, so the card is now cancelled. Nobody else except Jones made that call. There was nothing stopping him taking the Sonnen fight - the substitution was quite reasonable on the UFC's part. But the cancellation is on Jones, because he had an option to fight on, but he made the call to pull the card.

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