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Default Re: Top 3 Fighters... In Last 30 Yrs ?

Originally Posted by Duodenum
If Chavez, Whitaker, and B-Hop had the opportunity to establish themselves as 15 round fighters (not their fault), then I would have to give them all very serious consideration.

Frankly, I can't bring myself to vindicate in any way what the powers that run boxing have done in ruining it this way. Another factor has to do with my only knowing of them primarily by reputation. I've described elsewhere on this forum how the abolition of the 15 round distance in professional boxing, and the imposition of headgear in amateur competition turned me off completely to both sports. (The wearing of mandatory headgear aggravates and accelerates the progression of brain damage by encouraging the tendency to accept a blow that would otherwise be actively defended against. It's nothing more than "feel good" regulation meddling and tradition tampering. As is often the case, the cure is worse than the disease. Want to magnify the speed with which boxers succumb to pugilistica dementia? Mandate 24 ounce gloves and more thickly padded headgear which obscures peripheral vision. Neurology would become the most popular specialty in medicine overnight!)
Looking at your points, I would be a very disappointed boxing fan if 15 rounds were suddenly changed to 12 rounds today. But your being overly critical and unfair when ranking the fighters who have stricly fought 12 rounders though, as many fighters are judged against each other through different eras. Who was the best "pound for pound" boxer of all time being the best example.

I watched Jack Johnson recently against Burns and Ketchel. And the lack of real punching action is nothing short of ridiculous. More wrestling inside than clean effective boxing. And the rules were a shambles. During the Johnson v Ketchel fight, a monster right hand from Ketchel floored Johnson, who immediatley rose from the canvas to floor Ketchel in return. No count, no nuetral corner rule. Quite simply more of a street fight than a boxing match.
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