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Default Re: Hardest hitting fighters between 1940-1990 from the LW, WW, and HW divisions

Originally Posted by TheSouthpaw View Post
Yes. Tua did not have much in the way of technical skills, but in terms of sheer, brute punching power, he was among the very best the division has seen.

I actually think Tua had more single-shot KO power than Tyson. Tyson had excellent single shot power in his own right, but part of what made him special to me at least was how explosive he was, his blend of handspeed AND power. Tyson could string together fast, powerful combinations very easily, all with solid KO power in his prime. Those would leave his victims battered and unable to continue in most cases, but he seldom knocked a guy completely senseless the way Tua did to Ruiz, for instance.

Tua, meanwhile, didn't have the same handspeed or explosiveness, but he tried to decapitate the other guy with almost every punch he threw. It also didn't seem to matter whether or not he was getting schooled or roughed up at any time, either. There have been a number of Tua fights (Rahman and Maskaev come to mind immediately) where he was getting handily outboxed and beaten, only to suddenly end the fight with one shot. Tua had one shot KO power at any time of the fight.

I love Tyson, but he really didn't get too many KO's after the middle rounds. I think his power was at its greatest for the first two thirds of the fight, and then eased off a little. Most people couldn't survive the first 7-8 rounds of him, and if they did, they were usually in gunshy retreat mode. That's part of what made him almost unbeatable in his prime. That insanely destructive assault early on would break the confidence of just about all but the most mentally strong ATG heavyweights (like Ali) to the point they wouldn't want to try to win the fight later.
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