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Default Re: ESB ATGs Muay Thai / KickBoxing fighters Thread

Originally Posted by boranbkk View Post
Good posts lads!

Great technical fight between to top boyz that have bucket loads of respect for each other, great to watch. As Yaca said Singdam looked hard to beat in that fight, his right leg is like lightening.

I agree these guys will be ATGs and who knows in the future as their careers wind down and they go up in weight we may see them fight abroad. I think we'll look back at this era and see some great quality technical ATGs. It's different now to the 90s with ATGs, I think these days with all the guys who now fight often in the West and Japan, in the future they may over shadow the Thais that fight purely in Thailand and don't want or get the chance to fight abroad due to size, promoter etc. which will be a real shame form a legacy nad MT historical standpoint.

That fight was the main on the last event I posted on the BKK fight although I never got round to putting the vids on it cos of the ne baby I'd like to get that thread going again.

Great clip!!! Well found Vic. Really insightful look into a current quality camp. Those sounds and that atmosphere bring back powerful emotions and memories to me. It's an awsome experience training in that kind of enviroment not to mention as addictive as hell. It had such a profound effect on me that I could never in all seriousness train in the west ever again.

By the way if any aspiring Nak Muay are reading this check out the both this clip and the part two clinch work clip, study them carefully and you'll learn more about MT technique with these two vids than in a year of training at you local fancy KB club!

Good post Yaca and you betcha it's exciting!

Got some bad news though Nong O is out due to illness so no Jomthong fight. Wonder if that's got anything to do with the nose damge form Singdam's elbow in the above fight?

Still a top card any way!

Yaca can I be really really really cheeky and ask you to do me a favour? Could you copy and paste your post into the BKK fight card thread? I want to get it back up and running. It'd be great to get all these cards all together in one place so we can go back to them really easy see any emerging undercard stars and it'll help people who aren't as familiar with the scene but are interested follow it a bit and get familiarwith the big BKK names.
damn Boran that sucks about the nong o vs jomthong match being cancelled, I love jomthong and was really looking forward to him beating nong o.

still a fantastic card.
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