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Default Re: Is Greg Jackson killing the sport?

Originally Posted by Thom View Post
**** no. Zuffa brought this **** on themselves. If anything, this bull**** Fox deal is killing MMA. It's been ****ed up since they made initial decision to only air the Cain/Junior fight on the inaugural UFC of Fox card, but Dana and Lorenzo will never admit that they're wrong about. Zuffa has over-saturated the market and they've over stretched their talent to put on all of these watered down cards. The original card was **** outside of the Henderson fight.

Additionally, it wasn't "eight days notice" like Dana keeps saying. It was two or three. Fighters don't train that much during the last week before the event. They also have to travel and do all of the fight week media. What kind of "legitimate sport" pulls that **** on a world champion? They should have cancelled the card the second that they heard Henderson was out.

I guarantee you that this won't be the last time that something like this happens over the next couple of years with all of the bull**** subpar cards that Zuffa has scheduled.

Welcome to the world of promoting Dana. Fighters get injured, fighters pull out and events have to be adjusted or in extreme circumstances cancelled.

Classy response from Jackson touching on a few of Dana's shortcomings.
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