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Default Re: Sprott packing serious heat

Originally Posted by Amsterdam
I pick Sprott UD, what do you pick Achilles?
Really not sure mate. Haven't seen Skelton v Sprott I. Haven't seen Sprotts Euro fights. So I haven't got much on to which to call the fight.

Last fights I saw Sprott showed uncharacteristically strong power and Skelton was boxing.

I hear the first fight was a brawl with Skeltons size eventually taking it's toll. Sprott seems to have come prepared for that. Skelton appears to have come a little fitter.

I might go with Skelton. He is the bigger man and I think he can soak up better shots while coming back with bigger bombs of his own. His style is a mauler and brawler but I don't think Sprott is a polished sharpshooter who can take the W. I've seen glimpses of brillance in Sprott but never consistent. Skelton however has always been 'this is who I am, this is what I do' type of fighter. Love it or loathe it, he leaves with the W.

I think eventually Skeltons tenacity both physically and mentally will be telling. However both guys have shown us different facades to their game and this is the the theatre of the unexpected so expect anything and everything!
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