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Default Re: So, who should Chael fight for his LHW title shot?

Well up first is Forrest , so he has to deal with him , which i imagine he will by UD or Griffin will sub him off his back , ive got Sonnen UD but its not a given

Then if he comes through that, there will be a host of guys queing up to fight him, as he now has a really high profile, and im not being funny there thats just the truth unfortunately

Rampage and him have a bit of twitter history but Rampage isnt alone in that column , if Rampage beats Glover (which i expect him to by KO) if he fancies one last dance the UFC may make Rampage vs Sonnen, or Glover vs Sonnen depending on how the latter goes

Outside of that, you have Rashad, Davis, Shogun, Machida, Gustaffson, and the remainder of the division, the good wrestler's (Davis and Evans) should campaign for the fight , because Sonnen without his wrestling is very basic, and specifically Evans will really fancy putting a beating on Sonnen i imagine. Not through dislike or hatred, but purely from a stylistic POV

If he goes 2 & 0 @205 i imagine he'll get a shot
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