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Default Re: Ufc 151 officially cancelled

Originally Posted by Wilhelm View Post
Doesn't anyone think that what Jones did is good for the sport? Picture what would have happened if he'd accepted the Sonnen fight, beat him to a quick and boring finish that everyone had expected on top of a lame card, people would be ****ing and moaning about it no end. "Another week card for the UFC". "A waste of $50 again." etc etc. Do people honestly think a guy that was going to fight Dan Henderson, who is better at every single thing than Sonnen and who would have fought Machida if he'd accepted was AFRAID to fight Sonnen? Come on. Do you really think he should have signed on for any farce that they "offered" him, no matter how lousy? Matt Hamil? Tim Boetsch? Jon Fitch? Charlie Brenneman? Seriously, fighting Sonnen would have been beneath him and the sport and **** the UFC or White or whoever wanted to make their buck selling a ****ty main event to fans for $50.

Seriously folks, ask yourself how much you'd all be *****ing if that was the main even. Seriously.
I think you're confusing the 100 ESB posters to the casual fans that frequent/attend these events.
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