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Default Re: Ramba M-16 Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by yaca you View Post
I think this fight with Rambong Choochai (they had at least two fights) should be posted to show the amazing heart of Rambaa Somdet. He never gave up and when his back was against the wall that's when he seemed to fight the hardest.

Ramba in red, Rambong in blue. Check out 4:43 on this first video

Rambaa's fights with Rambong remind me of another favorite fighter of mine MMA great Sakuraba, and his fights against a bigger Wanderlei. Brutal stuff.
Good tribute post Yaca, great choice of fight.

What a couple of total nut jobs eh!

That fight should be played to anyone who says "Thais never get going til the 3rd round." almost no feeling out process at all, just crash bang wollop! Rambaa was a little tough nut full of bounce and power, but funnily enough he seemd to lack power in his kicks in that fight and he was up against an archetypal Thai terminator in Rambong, those straight knees mixed with those hand combos..... Yeah, 4.43 proving his MMA colours early on , but waht about Rambong's duck a bit before, talk about anticipation! And as for the 1st min of Rd 5 well.......

Love the little dance nad play acting at the end nad notice the 5000 baht put in each fighters mouth as bonuses from the promoter for putting on such an exciting fight.

Not to sound like an old man, but that fight epitomises alot of what's missing from the current MT scene. The super macho bravado and the personalites you used to get just don't seem to be there anymore, you had many not just the nutcases like Ramba. You used to get guys that would just spit out their gumshields, throw all strategy and common sense to the wind and just stand thier trading with the same single blow relentlessly blow after blow after blow! Taking nothing away from the boyz now as I actually think they're more technical fighters than the fighters of the past (contrary to what you here alot of other people say ). The scene now is still massive and super competative but I think there was more at stake back then. EVERYBODY used to watch it, so the guys were all household names who used to earn much more so hence bought more of a buzz and anticipation to the big cards and superfights.. But now with the rise of so many other things in Thailand like Premiership football etc etc less people watch and hence the guys get paid less and I guess you get less "stars" with mixed personalities. Anyway old man rant done and over.
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