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Default Taking up boxing at 23

Hello all, how are we? My first post here but I'll be sticking around most likely as there seems to be a lot of content on the forums

I'm at uni at the moment and I'm thinking to join the boxing society but I'm 23 years old... I know you're never too old to start something but if I get in to it I'd like to try and do the best I can which means competing. Let's just say that after a year or so of training and having a few friendly matches someone say to me "actually you're a natural at this sport I think you should try to pursee it" I'd be 24 and it would feel kinda late to start trying to make something of it?

I know the chances of me making it "pro" are slim and i'll just go to the training sessions and see how it goes, I mean the last time I got smacked in the face I was about 10 when I used to box, unfortunately the boxing club shut down so my mother stopped taking me.

Which professional boxers are there that started learning late like me who have made it into a full career? If any?

Thanks guys.
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