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Default Re: The what MMA Fights did you watch today/scorecard Thread

Rd 1
Love the way Aldo mixes up his attacks. So versatile. He would get a hook or uppercut to the gut then attack Hominick’s right leg. Forget what I said about him being reckless the word is explosive but somehow he manages to time his assaults patiently. Out struck him standing and dominated on the ground with elbows and punches from the top. Aldo clearly won.

Rd 2
Hominick started much better and was able to get solid left hooks in and stuff a couple TD attempts. Got the jab and straight going and it took Aldo quite some time to figure out how to get Hominick on the ground with a takedown and strike him in general. Aldo did well from 2 mins and on but Hominick got his shots in before being taken down again. Hominick rd as he controlled most of it.

Rd 3
Hominick again outkickboxed him again but Aldo did better in the stand up than previously and hit him with harder shots imo. Aldo looks more fatigue than he did in these rds opposed to rd 1 so the weight might have affected him. Hominicks’ timing is a problem for him throughout but after he got rock Aldo pounced on him and changed the momentum. Aldo rd but before he rocked Hominick with the right hand it was back and forth.

Rd 4
Momentum still in Aldo’s favor. Clipped him with his patent leg strike to the left leg and rocked him with a right cross I assume? Just continued to outstrike him but got warned for knees to the groin area which look unintentional to me. Left hook to the body and righ leg kick to the left leg dominated this rd along with superb head movement from Aldo. Won the rd very convincingly.

Rd 5
Props to Hominick for fighting on that bump on his head looked grotesque and those leg kicks would’ve had me crying like a *****. He went out like a warrior bloody face and all and gave it what he could once he finally took Aldo down. Thought Hominick dominated the rd with his GnP.

Aldo 3-2
He looks very vulnerable for an elite champion imho but he gives great fights and the experience will only help him. Could be a stamina issue but despite that he’s fun to watch and one of the best strikers now. Will see his nxt fight with Koch. In the 4th they said his fav fighters wer Chuck and Rizzo so that makes me wanna do Rizzo research to see if he got part of his style from him. I know Chuck and seen Chuck’s exciting fights so anyone have Pedro Rizzo suggestions?
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