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Default Re: The Jon Jones Special

Originally Posted by rekcutnevets View Post
I don't know that I can cross over to the dark side, and become a fan, because Sonnen has done so much bull****. The real estate thing, talking **** about Lance Armstrong and getting busted for cheating himself, refusal to give Anderson respect after the first fight, etc... But he is starting to grow on me a little.

I thought he showed a lot of character in the way he conducted himself after the 2nd Silva fight. I also like how he was willing to step up and fight Jones on a week's notice.

Another thing I liked was when he showed a bit of his human side when he broke character while at a press conference in one of scenes of the Anderson Silva documentary Like Water.

I'll probably keep rooting against him, but I can't hate him anymore.
I honestly think people need to try separate Chael the character and Chael the competitor/athlete. I became a fan due to his **** talking which is weird because usually I hate people who do it but he never came across as arrogant to me. Agree with you tho, I became a bigger fan after his last fight, the way he handled himself in defeat was amazing.........good to see he's back to his old self haha
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