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Default Re: Boranbkk - Judged Tum Sityodtong Tonight.

Originally Posted by PIRA View Post
Thanks mate.

I have judged a fair few local K-1 rules bouts and certainly score them provided only one hand is involved and it is clean. JWP - Zam twice is a couple that come to find - that teep that took Zambidis off his feet in the first round certainly scored. We have few of these fights these days on the shows I favour as modified Thai rules (everything but elbows) or full thai rules is far more popular and IMO far easier to judge.

Some of the MT based guys invalidate the throws by using two hands thus cannot be scored, also they don't get the torque in the technique and the fall is spoilt. The Japanese focus on evening up the grapple / striking odd's has made the rules very vague IMO. Any particular fight and we can do a RBR?
Intersting post Pira and like you I view it all through a FT Rules prism, whichwhen you watch Japanese K-1 slightly leaves you wondering whether you just watched a robbery or not. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said "very vague". It's hard to know other than a head striike what is high on the scoring scale. It seems in the Japanese form of K1 any form of head strike with a heavy bent towards hands and knees score very highly.With quality round kicks to the mid section and legs being ingnored in favour of hands unless they are in an eyecatching combo. And any form of throw, sweep etc seems to be totoally ignored, which we know in MT are game changing moves.

There was no one fight in particular I was curious about, it's just I've been over dosing on Max the last few weeks and because I've been watching so manyback to back for the first time noticed the high amount of fights that when finished are slight head scratchers.
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