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Originally Posted by Brand NOOBian View Post
I remember the 2nd time I ever sparred I got hit with a clean left hook that rattled my brain. Like a month ago I got hit with a lot of clean jabs/straights/hooks in one session. I didn't really feel anything while sparring but right after I felt kind of out of it and spacey. Had a black eye the next day too. While sparring one of the newer guys at my gym yesterday, I hit him with a clean left hook and he just kind of froze on the spot and looked a bit dazed. I ended up accidentally giving him a bloody nose like 30 sec after that too. The thing is, I didn't get hit with full power the times I got dazed, and I didn't hit the guy full power when he got dazed/a bloody nose.

With my 1st bout coming up in a couple months, I'm starting to wonder how my body would react if I were to get hit by a really hard shot for the first time. Can you "train" yourself to take punches, as in the more you get hit the better you'll be at taking them? As stupid as it sounds, should I practice getting hit with some hard punches to prepare myself? Or is this something I shouldn't even be concerned with? I obviously don't plan on getting hit hard in the match, but I know anything can happen.

Big No No...

definately dont go to the gym lookin to be hit hard in the head to prepare youself.. it wont help and could end up with u being hurt before u even make it to your first bout!

just do like others have said work on bein in good shape and bettering your defense and with tim eand experience you'll be more confident in takin the pucnhes if they land..

maybe a few punches to the body to help harden your abs but not in the head. Avoid takin any punishment to the head like herpes!
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