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Default Re: Is there any Benifit In Being A Right Handed SouthPaw?

Original question, that is why they say a SP is susceptible to an ODX's right hand. There is a major power/coordination disparity where an SP loses out in trading rear hands. And being a Right handed southpaw means your priority could end up launching most of your right hand ****nal and neglecting to develop the left. Becomes even more stale when they say a SP should step outside to the right and use his right hooks and jabs... bad news. I'm sorry, this only works for a short while, but it cant be a staple tactic. Been there, done that.

A right handed ODX would start off with a puny left hand and develop the strength and coordination with his left, meaning that eventually his both hands become dominant. Against a right jabber, both their arms clash along the same line and they stalemate. It becomes tedious after a while. Meanwhile a SP is now stuck throwing his powershot with his undeveloped hand, AND learn to parry with it, which puts him in a disadvantage. Especially if his left has to cross guard almost way to the right shoulder to push off a left jab.
Truth is, as much as an ODX must learn to jab and combo with Lefts, the right handed SP has to put an equal amount of training into throwing hooks, uppercuts and straights with his LEFT, which so many SPs forget to train. They cant even poke with their left, not to speak of landing a left uppercut, and the former is A MUST. It is the only way he can negate this common disadvantage. I sometimes don't agree that SPs are really such difficult opponents. Everything is fair
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