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Default How useful is boxing in street fighting ?

Boxing training = obviously gives you fitness and skills and conditioning.

The ability to punch someone accurately and fast and hard as you possible can - possibly knocking them out - depending on your power ?#

Also gives you some confidence that you can handle yourself.

But how real or false is this confidence ?

What I mean is I been boxing training for so many years - never fought competively - but sparred in the gym - worked on pads and bags and speedball - skipping and floorwork and conditioning.

So I have a reasonable level of confidence that I can handle myself to a degree but also what am I vunerable too in a street fight siutatuion - I think I'm bound to be alot more of handful with my fists - compared to someone who has never done any kind of combat sports before - but will that be enough ?

I try to avoid violence in real life and the discipline you get from training and carry yourself actually makes me much less likely to get into violence - but if someone choose to assault me - how useful would boxing skills be ?

Consider - anything goes in street fighting / assaults / muggings -

The person who assaults you could be of any size or weight (could be alot bigger than you)
Eye gouging
Kicking Strangling
Grappling around on the floor
Head butting
Even the use of weapons - knifes and bars , etc

How would boxing be of any use there - ? would it be ?

I know of what guy I use to train with years ago in the gym - he was working as a undercover doorman - and there was a drunk there looking for trouble and he picked on this guy - boxer / cage fighter - and he knocked him out with one punch - and he hit his head going down and he actually died. This is nasty stuff - so obviuosly boxing skills can be useful in self defence.

But what about when it goes to the ground - and like me - you have no real ground skills ? Does boxing help you then ?

Just wondering what people would think ?

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