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Default Re: How useful is boxing in street fighting ?

Originally Posted by LongJab View Post
Well, and trust me your STYLE as a boxer makes a huge difference. A guy like Richard Mayorgia would be a BEAST on the streets, while Khan would get whipped by guys with lesser ability. And a guy like Tua or Tyson.... forget about it. I will take that kind of boxer any day of the week.
Mayorga and Tyson would be terrifying in a streetfight lol

The main benefit to boxing is your ability to take shots imo. Normally guys go in chin up swinging, as a boxer you don't lean back or that newb stuff, you get through those shots whether a few of them land or not and do your damage quickly.

Against a guy who's a really experienced fighter though, a boxer has no advantage because guys like that typically know they can take shots and know that aggression wins. You're in their house, basically, same way you'd dominate them in the ring they'll dominate you in the street/club/whatever.

So basically don't **** around with people because you never know. If a guy's being a major douche and you want to kick the **** out of him, remember that he's probably always like that and other people have probably tried to kick the **** out of him before...or he's just a dumbass.
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