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Default Training Sore Beneficial or no?

I was quite sore today comming back a week from vacation a few days ago, worked hard first 2 days in the gym, ran and did shadow boxing for an hour the next day. Now today i go boxing, i feel pumped i felt ready i workout but i was real sore, back, biceps, shoulders, traps, quads, lats were all sore. I felt stiff and my punches had no power, no snap at all. At first i thought it that bad, then when i went to the pads i realized how wrong i was. I guess i tricked myself thinking i was completely fine and gave myself an excuse to train.

Was it good that i came to the gym anyway to get that workout in even though i am sore? Or should i have rested the day i ran and today. Im sparring again on friday and i dont think ill be able to be fully recovered.

I honestly feel sort of stupid but i just get so pumped to hit the bag, do few rounds shadow boxing . I just love training in general but man i was completely off today and my coach noticed.
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