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Default Re: How useful is boxing in street fighting ?

Originally Posted by viru§™ View Post
Well for one, it would mostly depend on the individual. How experienced is he? An amateur?
Boxing does not just give you "striking" ability. Striking sounds dirty. Too MMA -ish.
Boxing gives you, for the most part, the ability to control an individual from all aspects. Especially one who doesn't know how to respond and gives off the body language a boxer is used to reading.

You say street fights have so many other factors to consider. Which is all true. But those factors could be on your side/favor too. Not just the aggressor.
In fact, it could be you who outnumbers the guy, you who has the shank or bat, you who could grab like a ***** and wrestle him to the ground. The point is you'd still have the advantage seeing as how on top being a ***** with the dirty ****, you'd also know how to box. Who knows, the opportunity might show up in between the biting and eye gouging where you can at the very least block/slip a slap. That alone puts you on top.

The ability to throw punches is the last thing someone needs to worry about when confronting a boxer. Or most type of fighters for the most part.
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