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Default Re: How useful is boxing in street fighting ?

A few stories come to mind when involving boxing and street fights

A friend of a friend is a pro Super bant with a losing record, when he was making his transition to the pro ranks 3 lads tried to mug him as he was walking home drunk by himself, he managed to knock out 2 before slipping in a icy puddle and faceplanting chipping his front teeth and breaking his nose, in the process.

The same lad who walks around on about 57-60 kg and is 5,4 was in a pub when this massive guy kept knocking into him, on the sixth time, the lad turned to this big guy and said 'mate sixth time stop it', the guy looked at him as if to say what are you going to do about it. so the big guy then started doing on purpose, on tenth time the lad turned around threw a 3 punch combo and big guy was on the ground with a broken jaw.

A rugby lad i used to work with would always look for fights and he picked a fight with a small guy who turned out to be a county semi finalist. My work mate got ****ed up.

IMO boxing helps a lot on the street, but is so much easier to walk away
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