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Default Re: Training Sore Beneficial or no?

Originally Posted by Speechless View Post
I think you already know what the answer is. Sore muscles are a sign that they need to recover (repair & rebuild).

I know how you feel though. Sometimes, being consistent in training is about creating a mental state that borders on "addiction". A lot of us go through the same thing, e.g. my leg/arm hurts, I have a cold, I feel sick, i'm exhausted - should I train today?

Just remind yourself that training can hinder your recovery sometimes, and that your body needs adequate rest periods. Rest can be just as beneficial as training.

A compromise would be to make it an "easy training day". E.g. spar with a beginner and go easy, or just cardio, or just footwork, etc... Whatever doesn't exacerbate what already hurts.

thanks! although ive read somewhere that soreness isnt an indication always an indication that your muscles are still repairing and that it can be beneficial. Check up super compensation if you have the time, the only problem is that ive been training consecutive days and wanted to hear from other people.
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