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Default Re: Making a fist in bag gloves?

Fist in gloves?

Check out Jones Jr. shadow boxing. His fists are never fully gripped. Now when in glove, your fist should be tighter, but never a full fist. Make sure you're wrapping your hands well though.
The punch should be coming from technique. Making a tight fist flexes your forearm down to your wrist too much that you lose focus where the power should really be coming from.
This is from a boxer style. If you're the Margarito type of fighter, then maybe someone else has better advice.


Took a minute to wrap my hand up

How I carry it 90% of the time while sparring/mitts.
Shot at 2012-08-30
Shot at 2012-08-30

Tightest fist for close/body punches.
Shot at 2012-08-30

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