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Default Re: How useful is boxing in street fighting ?

Originally Posted by norfolkinchance View Post
a mate of mine got to semi finals of national abas about 10 years before losing pon points. i would guestimate he is about 5 '7 and weighs about 60 kgs give or take

he has banged out doorman, brawlers, and multiple opponenets on multiple occasions

now he has got a good dig but he is small. if he wasnt a boxer he would have lost a lot of these fights

boxing helps a huge amount. mma and judfo help if goes to the floor but in a club or bar being able to nail someone with a big right or left hook before they know what is going on is going to win the day 9/10

thank you
perfectly said

i know 60-65 kg boxer
that ko'd bouncer bodybuilder(i worked with him before) with one punch

the bouncer was about 110 kg or so
charged at my buddy and my buddy who is a southpaw
hit him with a street left
which landed around the eye and bouncer dropped on this knees streaming in pain, and was taken to a hospital with a broken oribal bone,
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